Our Quality Lab Control, which has machines for testing the No Woven's mechanical specifications, hydrophilicity, hydrophobia, permeability etc... now improves with a new machine which tests the NO Woven'w fire resistance according to DIN 4102-1 (B2) test method.

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PP Agricultural nonwovens AGRISOFT® are uv stabilized, and thanks to their lightness, they can be put directly on crops, protecting and developping the




As everybody knows the normal sealings between two or more covers, done either with glue or polymer, if analysed on dynamometer, loose about 30% of tensile strength if compared to a nonwoven without sealing, thus pointing out a certain fragility next to the sealings. To avoid such a disadvantage, Soft N.W. has projected an advanced system of web distribution on nonwoven (patented) which by an increase of weight in the sealing zone, without joint with another nonwoven, helps to improve the mechanical strength on the sealings. The same treatment can be also achieved on the edges which are not needed to be sealed.



  • Protection against frost and excessive temperature variations
  • Increase of production cycles during the year
  • Air permeability and good air circulation in the greenhouse
  • High light transmission
  • Light and uniform
  • Protection against insects and animals
  • Eco-compatible and recyclable
  • Temperature resistance: from –40°C to +80 °C
  • Roll length: upon request
  • Nonwoven weight: from 17 up to 60 g/m²
  • Neutral color. Other color are possible upon request
  • Cover width from 1 to 28 m.
  • Widths from 3,2 up to 28 m are on rolls with a final presentation width of either 3,2 or 1,6 m