The historical brand of crop cover nonwoven represents reliability and quality.Chosen by agriculture entrepreneurs from all around the world, Lutrasil ensures the best protection to harvests.


  • Excellent durability to sunlight, strength and tear resistance and high elasticity
  • Strong and long-lasting junctions
  • A flexible crop covering resistant to high winds and hard weather
  • Protection climate barrier for all crops
  • Excellent water permeability, limited water retention, thereby minimizing any damage to the crop below
  • Optimum protection against pests
  • Balanced temperature and humidity distribution
  • Available in 19, 23 and 30 gms/m² for crop covering and in 50 and 60 gms/m² for mulching
  • Available in width from 1 to 28.5 m and length from 100 to 1250 m
  • Supplied in rolls packed in 1.60, 2.05 and 2.25 m width
  • Standard width and length always available in warehouse
  • No minimum quantity deliveries, full trucks loadings up to 10 Tons
  • Optimum protection against pests
  • Available in neutral color for crop covering and black for mulching, also in the new Boosting Green on demand


The intelligent combination of endless filaments providing strength together with climate control. Polypropylene properties are providing climate control in creating the best growth conditions for crops. Strong continuous fibers ensure high durability and strength in all directions.

Polypropylene fibers providing climate control


The strength of continuous filaments


Lutrasil® Pro


Lutrasil Pro is perfect for customers who want a high performance membrane to cover their seedlings from cold and frost in order to harvest ripe fruits and vegetables in advance.
The reinforced nonwoven of Lutrasil Pro was developed with additional nonwoven bands to ensure high resistance protection to crops where the wind and the hard weather threaten the growth of the costumer’s harvests. The lateral bands are available in 400 or 600 mm, obtained by calendering bands of 17 gr/m² in order to have with 19 gr/m² a final reinforced edge of 36 gr/m² and with 23 gr/m² a final reinforced edge of 40 gr/m².
Born to increase the performance of Lutrasil, Boosting Green, the innovative green nonwoven boosts the growth of seedlings and increase the quality of the final products. The perfect color shade was obtained after studies on hundreds of different vegetables and fruits in order to let only the right sunlight rays across.

Available in Neutral color or Boosting Green


Boosting Green